Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is located 20 km from the Gran Canaria International Airport. This tour takes 20 minutes through the GC-1 highway.

The capital can also be reached by sea. The Port of La Luz and Las Palmas, in addition to daily connections with the rest of the islands of the archipelago and with Cádiz once a week, is the base for tourist cruises, whose season begins in October and usually ends in June.

The city has two bus stations in Parque San Telmo and Parque Santa Catalina with services that connect not only all the city's neighborhoods, but also all the island's municipalities. Walking through the streets of Vegueta means doing an exercise in history that allows the visitor to stop in some of the most intense chapters of the city.

The hermitage of San Antonio Abad, the Plaza Santa Ana, where the Town Hall, the Bishopric, the Regental House and the Cathedral of Santa Ana are located are just some of the traces of history that have remained these five centuries.

Vegueta is home to museums such as the Casa de Colón, where you can learn about the most interesting aspects of Christopher Columbus's trip to America, and his stay in the city, and the Canarian Museum where you can discover the historical remains of the ancient settlers of the island of Gran Canaria.

Also the Museum of Sacred Art offers visitors an exhibition of various pieces of religious devotion. In addition, as a memorable contrast to the spirit of the neighborhood, Vegueta houses the Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno, whose trajectory places it as one of the most avant-garde and interesting rooms on the national art scene.

The samples of traditional architecture, the courtyards of the houses, full of plants, the pedestrian squares such as those of Pilar Nuevo, Santo Domingo and Espiritu Santo, presided over by a beautiful stone fountain, wooden balconies, paved streets, they are the best excuse to leave the beach for a few hours.

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