Fuerteventura is one of the seven islands that make up the archipelago of the Canary Islands.

It is the easternmost and is separated from the African continent by just 100 kilometers, and it is the second in extension, with 1,659 square kilometers, after Tenerife. Separated only by 11 kilometers from Lanzarote and 80 kilometers from Gran Canaria, it is the oldest island in the entire Archipelago with an estimated age of 21 million years, and precisely due to its "advanced age", this island presents soft reliefs ( its highest mountain is Pico de la Zarza, at 807 meters), since erosive processes have acted on its surface for a long period of time, in addition to an absence of active volcanism that could "regenerate its surface".

In addition to enjoying its beaches, Fuerteventura offers many places to visit on your vacation.

From the multiple viewpoints scattered throughout the island, to picturesque towns full of history, passing through the capital of the island, with a wide commercial offer and an attractive promenade, not forgetting semi-wild areas, with cliffs that stoically support the action of waves.

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